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YOU Can Gain Muscle Fast…With The Right Exercise Schedule

Are you one of the MANY people who has trouble gaining muscle? Some of us have just been known as string beans for our entire lives! So are we doomed to lankiness forever? Absolutely not! There’s no two ways about it: gaining muscle is easier for some people than others. And for some of us, regular workouts aren’t enough to make significant muscle gains! But we’re here with our top tips and an exercise schedule for muscle gain! If you follow our advice, you should start to see muscle gains FAST! So you can go from scrawny to studly in no time!

Eat For Gains

Before we even start talking about building an exercise schedule for muscle gain, we need to talk about what you’re eating. Whatever it is, you need to be eating MORE of it. Building muscle takes fuel! Protein, mostly! But if you’re not getting enough to eat you won’t have the energy to get through your exercise schedule for muscle gain. AND your muscles won’t have what they need to get bigger! Chicken, tilapia, brown rice, lentils, milk, and avocados all make great choices! If you’re going to eat before a workout, make sure you give it at least half an hour to digest! Your body needs time to turn that food into fuel!

Get Your Rest

Listen, we know you’re here for an exercise schedule for muscle gain. But we want to make sure we get you this information first! Because too many people focus ONLY on their workouts when it comes to building muscle, but there’s really SEVERAL very important factors! And believe it or not, your sleep is one of them. When we’re asleep, our body gets to work repairing, building, and growing. So if you’re not getting your ZZZs, you’re not maximizing your muscle gain potential! And your exercise schedule for muscle gain doesn’t mean much then! If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, make sure to avoid bright lights and caffeine within a few hours before bedtime!

Exercise Schedule For Muscle Gain

Alright, we’re finally going to give you the information you came here for. This is a simple exercise schedule for muscle gain that’s suitable for anyone, from beginners to experts. As always, this is just a recommendation! Listen to your body and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to talk to a personal trainer!

  • Day 1| Legs (Quads/front of legs). Exercise your legs on the first day of your exercise schedule for muscle gain. Exercises like squats are a great way to do this.
  • Day 2| Chest and Triceps. The bench press is a classic move that targets this muscle group perfectly.
  • Day 3| Legs (Glutes/hamstrings/calves/back of legs). Barbell squats are the perfect move to target this group of muscles.
  • Day 4| Back and Biceps. Hop on the rowing machine and row it out!
  • Day 5| Shoulders and Arms. Try the Arnold Press!!
  • Day 6| Full Body. There are lots of full body workout videos apparently online! Try a new one each week to keep things fresh!
  • Day 7| Rest. Yes! This is a vital part of your exercise schedule for muscle gain. Enjoy a day of rest and give your muscles the break they need to repair and BUILD BIGGER!

Track Your Progress

Now that you know how to eat, sleep, and exercise schedule for muscle gain, it’s time to go out in the world and get building! One of the best ways to stay motivated in your workout program is to track your progress! Instead of checking the scale (muscle weighs more than fat, after all), try taking regular measurements of your biceps, quads, etc. Then you can see the muscle growth in real time! After all, not all changes are visible to your eye right away! And we’re especially bad judges when it comes to our own bodies!

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