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The Best Exercises To Do When You’re At The Gym

If you’re visiting this page, congratulations! That means you’re SOMEWHERE on your journey to your best fitness and health! If you just started working out, the gym can be intimidating! It seems like everyone there already knows what they’re doing! Meanwhile you’re not even sure WHAT exercises to do at the gym! Lucky for you, we’ve got ideas for any muscle group you’re looking to target! Or maybe you’re an old pro who’s hit a rut in your workout routine! It’s easy to get stuck doing the same workout routine day in, day out. In that case, maybe you’ve forgotten about some of these classic standbys. A return to the fundamentals can TOTALLY reinvigorate your workout routine! No matter where you are in your journey, read on to find out more about how YOU can choose the best exercises to do at the gym.

Easy Exercises To Do At The Gym: Upper Body

  • Bench Press| This is one of the most classic workout moves of all time. All of our best exercises to do at the gym use some sort of equipment in order to take advantage of the benefits of a gym you don’t have access to! Bench pressing helps to strengthen the chest, shoulders, and triceps! Make sure to start at a lighter weight for safety, and it’s always best to have a spotter!
  • Rower| This one could also qualify for a full body workout, and it gets some cardio in! But the rowing machine is especially useful for targeting your arms as well, and most of us don’t have one of these machines in our home!

Easy Exercises To Do At The Gym: Core

  • Elliptical| Alright, we put this under core workouts but it’s really more of a FULL BODY workout that will also get your cardio in! Try running on the elliptical for 5 minutes when you get to the gym to warm up. It might help reduce your likelihood of injury while weight lifting and it’ll get your blood pumping! Warming up shouldn’t be overlooked. It IS one of the most important exercises to do at the gym!
  • Hanging Leg Raise| Using the hanging leg raise machine to work out your abdominals will help to target muscles in your core that you may not be hitting when you do crunches at home! And that means more tone and definition in your abs!

Easy Exercises To Do At The Gym: Lower Body

  • Barbell Squats| Take your average squat to the next level!! In general, squats are an excellent lower body workout. But in the gym, you can crank it up a notch by adding some weight to a barbell and doing barbell squats! Like bench pressing, make sure you start at a safe weight for you so you’re sure you’re in control of the bar during your workout.
  • Stationary Biking| This also ticks off the cardio box! Stationary biking is a great way to get a workout in the gym during the colder months if you like to bike! And it will help to strengthen your legs and heart!



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