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You may have heard of Heavy Upright Rows. There’s a bit of a controversy surrounding them right now. They’re a go-to exercise for body builders, but some health experts are claiming that this maneuver isn’t necessarily safe. Today, we’re going to take a look at Heavy Upright Rows and give you the facts you need so you can be informed about adding this exercise to your workout routine. We’ll tell you how to do one, but we’ll also make you aware of some concerns the maneuver is raising.

Heavy Upright Rows – How To Do It

It’s a relatively easy exercise to do. To do Heavy Upright Rows, you hold some barbells down in front of your body, then lift them vertically to the upper chest or neck area. Using control, you lower the barbells and repeat. It’s an exercise designed to work your deltoids, the round muscles on the side of your shoulders. For bodybuilders, it’s an exercise designed to make the shoulders look bigger and bulkier, but there has been a rising concern about the harmful effects your body can experience if you do too many Heavy Upright Rows. Let’s get into that right now.

Are Heavy Upright Rows Safe?

  • They Can Make Existing Shoulder Injuries Worse – Due to the motion involved when doing a Heavy Upright Row, your shoulder is forced to rotate internally. If you’ve already got a shoulder injury, the motion can make it worse, stiffening the shoulder or even causing pain.
  • The Exercise Is Highly Prone to Causing New Injuries Or Shoulder Damage – While the movement itself isn’t hard to do, if it’s done even slightly wrong it can damage the shoulder, and the margin between doing the motion right and doing it wrong is razor thin. If you’re going to do Heavy Upright Rows, it’s advisable to do them with dumbbells or a kettle ball which will give your hands more range of motion and could reduce the risk to your shoulders.
  • Prone To Misuse – This goes to your form again. Because of the position your body is in when performing a Heavy Upright Row, it’s possible to lift more relative to your strength. This movement is prone to hip extension and shrugging from inexperienced lifters.

Heavy Upright Rows – Alternatives

During our research, we found two pieces of information that we think this whole debate boils down to. 1) Aside from bodybuilding, Heavy Upright Rows do not serve much of a purpose. If you’re training for strength or endurance, you may want to just write it off altogether. 2) If you’re looking for shoulder exercises, there are a bunch of easier and less hazardous options. Try dumbbell lateral raises or a dumbbell scaption raise.

Heavy Upright Row Summary

In our opinion, it’s safer to simply avoid this exercise. Heavy Upright Rows are not inherently dangerous, but the margin for error is so narrow that unless you’ve been professionally trained how to do them properly, it’s best to leave this movement to those that have. Thanks for reading and stay lifting!

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