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How To Gain Muscle In A Week: Our Top Tips To Make Gains Fast!

Crafting your perfect body can take years in the gym. The work is never really done, after all! But what about when you have a special event coming up FAST that YOU want to look built for? Sometimes, we need to build muscle FAST. But most people don’t know how to build muscle in a week. In fact, you might have even thought it was impossible! But we’re here to help. You CAN learn how to build muscle faster than ever.

How To Build Muscle In A Week | Lift Heavy

This might seem like a no-brainer, but lifting heavier weights should help you to build muscle faster! Don’t be afraid to push yourself (within reason, of course). You also want to make sure that you’re training each muscle group twice within the week. That might mean doubling up the areas you’re targeting on some gym days! We said we’d tell you how to build muscle in a week, not that it would be a breeze!

How To Build Muscle In A Week| Load Up On Calories

It’s your lucky day. If you’re trying to build muscle quickly, upping your calorie intake is a much. If you follow the other tips in this “How To Build Muscle In A Week” guide, chances are you’ll be burning through calories at a faster rate. And you need to make sure you have proper fuel before your workout! Make sure to give yourself some time between your pre-workout snack or meal and your workout so all that fuel has time to digest!

How To Build Muscle In A Week| Pack On The Protein

Few things help build muscle faster than protein. If you’re trying to get gains quick, make sure that your protein intake is matching up to your increased time in the gym. One bodybuilding site we looked at recommended 1g of protein per lb of body weight, but you can also use our handy protein calculator! Think about picking up some protein powder for shakes. Otherwise, here’s some of our favorite protein-packed snacks:

  • Chocolate Milk| Milk is rich in protein, and chocolate makes it even better!
  • Hard Boiled Eggs| One of our favorite protein-rich snacks to take on the go, try adding a little bit of sriracha to give it some extra zing!
  • Jerky| Turkey or beef jerky is usually chock full of protein and is more easily transportable and less filling than a regular cut of meat!
  • Almonds| Short on time? Grabbing a handful of almonds is a quick way to get a boost of protein. Most convenience stores even sell containers of almonds in the snack section, so you can get them nearly anywhere you are!
  • Check Online| Don’t see any snack ideas you like here? The internet is full of excellent recipes for high-protein snacks! Do a quick search and see if anything inspires you! You’ll be more likely to get your protein if it’s from foods you LOVE! And there’s no use in knowing how to build muscle in a week if you hate every moment!

How To Build Muscle In A Week| Get Your ZZZs

This might just be our favorite tip of all. Before we knew how to build muscle in a week, we would’ve been tempted to pull an all-nighter in the gym for extra gains. But that time spent sleeping is actually super valuable for your muscles to repair themselves so you can continue to pack on the mass during your next workout! Make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night while you’re building muscle. You might be surprised at the difference it makes.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to build muscle in a week! Whatever your reasons, we hope these tips help you look your best and FAST! Muscle building can be easier than you think. Just follow a few simple tips, and all your friends will be asking how you did it. After all, who doesn’t want to know how to build muscle in a week? Whether you let them in on the secret is up to you.

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