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How To Build Muscle, Not Fat

We’ve all been there. Shoveling thousands and thousands of calories down our gullets a day because this blog or that magazine said that was the way to get big quick. And it will get you some kind of big quick. But is it muscle or fat? How do you know how to gain muscle, not fat? Thankfully, you don’t have to know! That’s what we’re here for! And we’re here to tell you it IS possible. All it takes is some simple shifts to your diet, training, and maybe your dietary supplements.

How To Gain Muscle, Not Fat: Your Diet

The most important aspect of how to gain muscle not fat is your diet. Changing WHAT you’re eating can really make more of a difference than changing HOW MUCH you’re eating. Putting on muscle doesn’t necessarily mean eating so much you feel like you’re going to burst. But it DOES mean making sure you have enough calories in your body to burn during workouts. You DON’T want to be working from a calorie deficit.

You also want to make sure that you’re getting enough protein in your diet! Protein powders are a great way to get more protein into your diet without adding tons of fat or calories. And as always, hydration is key. There’s no replacement for water and our bodies can’t run their best without being properly hydrated…that includes burning fat and building muscle! There’s no use knowing how to gain muscle not fat if you’re sluggish and slow because you’re dehydrated anyway!

How To Gain Muscle, Not Fat: Your Training

Obviously the next important part of building muscle outside of nutrition is training. So what kind of training is best for how to gain muscle not fat? Honestly, your best bet is going to be working with a trainer who can help you create a workout system that works for YOU. Having a workout system and routine that works specific muscle groups throughout the week will help you to build muscle and lose fat. If you have a plan you’re consistent with, you’re more likely to stick to going to the gym. And more likely to see the kind of results you’re hoping for!

How To Gain Muscle Not Fat: Your Supplements

Of course, we never want anyone to feel like they HAVE to take supplements if they want to pursue fitness. But if you’re serious about how to gain muscle not fat for aesthetic or bodybuilding reasons, you may want to look into supplements to help you along the way! After all, who wouldn’t want some help from time to time? Life is hard enough! Here are a few of our favorite types of supplements to help YOU on your journey learning how to gain muscle not fat:

  • HMB| Also known as Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate Acid, this compound is naturally produced by the body. But some people supplement with HMB in order to stimulate protein production and inhibit protein breakdown!
  • Caffeine| This well-known stimulant is a common ingredient in many weight loss and workout supplements. Not only can it give you more energy throughout your workout, but it might also have muscle building properties! And since it could also help burn fat, it knows how to gain muscle, not fat!
  • Casein| This protein is found in milk, and has gained popularity recently as an excellent protein for muscle growth!
  • Whey Protein| Easily one of the most popular supplement used to help people build muscle.
  • Glutamine| Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in your muscles. Supplementing with glutamine after a workout could be #1 on our list of how to gain muscle not fat. Glutamine is especially useful if you’re trying to burn fat without losing muscle.

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