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In this season, or really any season, it’s really easy to “forget” about doing your workouts, or to just push them off until the next day. We all do it, even though we all know how bad it is for our bodies. So, today we want to tell you some of our favorite tips and tricks on How To Stay Fit On Vacation! Whether you’re taking time off to be with your family over the holidays, or you’re on your way to the beach for the summer, you need to know these tricks!

How To Stay Fit On Vacation | Packing Additions

Wherever you’re going, we bet that you’re packing a bag. If not, we’re not really sure what kind of trip you’re going on. So, we wanted to start with one of the really easy Fit Vacation Tips. Pack your equipment with you!

No, we don’t mean to tell you that you have to bring your dumbbells and full gym. But, there are easy things to pack that can really help you get a full workout on the go. So, we want to tell you about some of our favorite on the go workout additions. All of them are easy to toss in the bottom of your suit case, or even in your carry on! So, here are our top picks:

  1. Resistance Bands – These are great to replace dumbbells
  2. Loop Bands – Your butt will thank you with these
  3. Slider Discs – Get that core burning with sliders
  4. Jump Rope – Be careful in your hotel room
  5. Sensory Balls – Because your body will be sore and will need some care!

That is our first tip for How To Stay Fit On Vacation, now, we want to share some of our favorite workouts on the go!

How To Stay Fit On Vacation | Hotel Room Workout

Okay, now that you know what you’re going to be packing, you might be wondering what you can do with all of these. So, we’ve got that covered for you too. These exercises are the best How To Stay Fit While On Vacation Tips that we can find. We’ll even tell you which of the equipment’s will work with each exercise.

  1. Squats – Use your Loop Bands around your ankles for added resistance
  2. Overhead Squats –Hold your resistance band over your head
  3. Cardio – Jump ropes are perfect if you have the space
  4. Bent Over Rows – Back to those resistance bands
  5. Mountain Climbers – Get those slider Discs out for extra core!

And you can do so much more with the equipment we told you to pack. Don’t forget to use the sensory balls to massage your muscles after your workouts. Your body is going to need that after all of those. There you have it, great tips on How To Stay Fit On Vacation! Let’s start to wrap up so that you can start packing!

How To Stay Fit On Vacation | Final Thoughts

And now you know How To Stay Fit And Healthy On Vacation! And we didn’t even touch your eating habits. That’s for another time. Now that you know How To Stay Healthy On Vacation you have absolutely no excuse to lose sight of your goals. Because you know that we’re all about building that muscle, and then keeping it!

So, now, you get to packing and have the most fit vacation you can! You and your body deserve it!

And if you’re traveling with friends, share our tips with them as well! Thank you for reading Muscle Gainer today!

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